The American Philatelist

The American Philatelist

With nearly 32,000 members in more than 110 countries, the APS is the largest, non-profit organization for stamp collectors in the world.  Founded in 1886, the APS serves collectors, educators, postal historians, and the general public by providing a wide variety of programs and services.

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Whether you are a beginning collector or have collected for years, APS provides services and educational opportunities to broaden your interests and enhance your collecting enjoyment!

The American Philatelic Society' publication The American Philatelist, is the oldest continuously published philatelic journal in the world, the first issue having appeared in January 1887.  Presented here are a few Scout related articles which are of particular interest to collectors and researchers of Scout philately.

January 1949
Vol 62 No 4
Plating Mafeking Bicycles, by A. Lichtenstein, pages 268-274
May 1950
Vol 63 No 8
Juliette Low Commemorative Stamp, page 647
September 1957
Vol 70 No 12
Topicals of the Month, Boy Scout Jubilee Jamboree, pages 965,970-2
plus 1957 British FDC Advertisements
May 1962
Vol 75 No 8
Girl Scout Stamp July 24 [U.S. Chronicle, 1962], page 579
August 1962
Vol 75 No 11
Girl Scout Stamp Issued at Roundup [U. S. Chronicle, 1962], page 812
September 1962
Vol 75 No 12
Thai Scouts 50th Anniversary and 4th Jamboree [Topical Themes], by David Torres, pages 940-941
June 1963
Vol 76 No 9
Topical Themes: Thailand's Scout's Fund Overprints by David Torres, pages 679-81
February 1965
Vol 78 No 5
Nigeria & Ryukyu Islands New Issues Chronicle, pages cover, 384
September 1965
Vol 78 No 12
Portugal Scout Double Impression [Share Your Discoveries], page 916
January 1969
Vol 83 No 1
The Czech Scout Official Mail Delivery Service of 1918, by Ivo Kvasnicka, pages 1, 27-41
November 1990
Vol 104 No 11
Our Active Affiliates, by Robert de Violini, pages 1035-7
SOSSI Announced as a new APS Affiliate
November 1991
Vol 105 No 11
Merit Badge Boost [Letters to the Editor], by Walter M. Creitz, pages 965-6
July 1992
Vol 106 No 7
Add Some Spice to Scout Merit Badge, by Bill Olcheski, page 618
December 1992
Vol 106
Britain's Scout Post, by Chad Neighbor, pages 1116-9
May 1994
Vol. 108
#1145 on Forehead of Face Surrounded by Stamps, on front cover
July 1994
Vol 108
1944 Uprising Had Unique Fieldpost, by Adam Berestynski, page 672
August 1997
Vol 111 No 8
VAMPing - The Use of Truly Private Perfs, Boy Scouts of America, by Ken Lawrence, pages 702-706,708
September 1998
Vol 112 No 9
VAMPs with Double Private Perforations - Compound or Confounding Combinations?, by Ken Lawrence, pages 822-824,826
November 1999
Vol 113 No 11
Computer Tools [Letters to the Editor], by Keith Larson, page 1033
September 2005
Vol 119 No 9
Different Aspects of Appropriate Cancels [collecting: coast to coast], by Wayne Youngblood, pages 796-8
June 2007
Vol 121 No 6
First Day Covers, Cancels, Mobile P.O.s, Scouts & More [APS Affiliates], by Jim McDivitt, pages 546-548
Picture of SOSSI Website
April 2008
Vol 122 No 4
Learn More, Do More, Enjoy More Through the APS! [President's Column], by Nick Carter (SOSSI member), pages 371-372
August 2010
Vol 124 No 8
US New Issues: Scouting Celebrating 100 Years!, pages 786-7
January 2011
Vol 125 No 1
America in the Line Islands, by Steve Pendleton, pages 54-60
Kiribati Scout Cover from 1983 Jarvis Island DXpedition, canceled at Christmas Island
July 2012
Vol 126 No 7
US New Issues: Celebrate Scouting, pages 686-8
April 2013
Vol 127 No 4
Bangladesh Overprints, by Dr. Allen C. Peyser, page 342-4
June 2015
Vol 129 No 6
Boy Scouts of America Stamp of 1950, by Charles M. Posner, pages 505(cover)-6, 536-543