USPS First Day Ceremony Programs
Dr. Frederick G. Bean
Keith Larson

A stamp ceremony program is the listing of an agenda of one or more speakers or events for the ceremony honoring the stamp being issued.  A program can be both a ceremony program and an event listing.  Only events that took place on the day the stamp was issued were included for this category.  A Program should be produced by the postal service or in cooperation with the sponsoring organization of the event.  These programs usually also provide those attending with some of the stamp's background.  Here is a reference list of program numbers from the "Mellone's specialized Catalog of First Day Ceremony Programs & Events" by Dr. Scott Pelcyger, 1989 Edition.

•   995 3¢ Boy Scouts June 30, 1950

Boy Scouts 1950
1950 Boy Scout Issue (#995-C1) [Front]

The early first day ceremony programs were printed on both sides.  They were then folded in thirds for mailing, as this one was from the National Jamboree, the First Day of Issue site.

Boy Scouts 1950
1950 Boy Scout Issue (#995-C1) [Back]

•   1145 4¢ Boy Scouts February 8, 1960

Boy Scouts 1960
1960 Boy Scout Issue (#1145-C1) [Front]

•   UXC7 6¢ Boy Scout Jamboree August 4, 1967

Boy Scouts 1967
1967 Boy Scouts World Jamboree (#UXC7-C1)

•   2160-63 22¢ Youth Year October 7, 1985

Boy Scouts 1985
1985 Boy Scouts 75th Anniversary (#2163-C1)

•   2251 22¢ Girl Scouts March 12, 1987

Girl Scouts 1987
1987 Girl Scouts 75th Anniversary (#2251-C1)

First Day Ceremony Programs are also known for other issues, including the Celebrate the Century issue in 1998.

•   156 4¢ Canal Zone Boy Scouts February 8, 1960

Canal Zone 1962
1962 Canal Zone Girl Scout Issue (#156)

The Canal Zone Girl Scout First Day Ceremony Program was printed in the Canal Zone.  No similar program is known for the Canal Zone Boy Scout issue (#151).