First Flights
United States Boy Scout #995

US First Flights
Juliette Low, Girl Scout #974
BSA 50th Anniversary #1145

Beeville, Texas, 1950

This is a 3 September 1950 flight on Air mail route 82 [AM82] that crisscrossed Texas.

AM 82
Mission, 1950

This is a 5 September 1950 flight on Air mail route 82 [AM82] from Mission to San Antonio, Texas.  The letter then went by surface mail to Mountain View, CA.

Natchez to New Orleans
Natchez to New Orleans, 1951

Official cacheted 1st Air Mail Flight Cover (AM-98) from Natchez, MS to New Orleans, LA.  Cover is postmarked on the front from Natchez on January 15, 1951.  This is leg 98S34 of # AM-98.  There were only 1633 pieces of mail on this leg.

Knoxville to Richmond
Knoxville to Richmond, 1952

This cover was canceled 25 August 1952 at Knoxville to commemorate the start of the first air mail flight (AM flight 87) from Knoxville, Tenn. to Richmond, VA.  It is backstamped at Roanoke, VA the same day.  The cover is signed by the Postmaster, Seaton Garret.

Miami, Oklahoma
Miami, Oklahoma, 1952

This was the first flight from Miami, Oklahoma, Sep. 4, 1952 aboard AM107.

Green Bay to Houghton
Green Bay to Houghton, 1953

This cover was canceled 4 April 1953 at Green Bay, Wisconsin to commemorate the start of the first Wisconsin Central Airlines airmail flight from Green Bay to Houghton, Michigan.  Backstamped at Houghton on the same day.  The pilot for this flight was Leland Molbreak.