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Boy Scouts of America offers to Wolf Scouts an achievement requirement for collecting that could be used for collecting stamps.  The Wolf program is for boys who have completed First Grade or are 8 years old.  Twelve achievements are necessary to earn the Wolf Badge.  These achievements are primarily done at home and signed off by an adult family member "Akela" after the boy has completed each one.  The book is then shown to the Den Leader who records the progress and also signs the boy's book.  Completion of this collecting achievement and two others earns the Cub Scout one gold bead for display on his "Progress Towards Rank" badge.

6. START A COLLECTION - Do the following:
  1. Make a collection of anything you like.  Start with 10 things.  Put them together in a neat way.
  2. Show and explain your collection to another person

SOSSI Resources

The Wolf Cub Scout Book  (BSA #33106, 1998.)
The Big Bear Cub Scout Book  (BSA #33228, 1998.)
Cub Scout Leader Book  (BSA #33220, 2001.)
Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide  (BSA #34299, 2002.)