BSA Second National Jamboree & 40th Anniversary
June 30, 1950
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Cacheted First Day Covers

ThumbnailCachet Maker
M-11Levy 41l Cachet Craft - Ken BollCachet Craft - Ken Boll
M-12Levy 41k Cachet Craft - Ken BollCachet Craft - Ken Boll
M-13Levy 41u House of FarnamHouse of Farnam
M-14Levy 41kk Fidelity Color-CraftFidelity Color-Craft
M-15Levy 41j FleetwoodFleetwood
M-16Levy 41t FluegelFluegel
M-17Levy 41f FultonFulton
M-18Levy 41y George (CWG)George (CWG)
M-19Levy 41n W. M. GradyW. M. Grady
M-20Levy 41h H. GrimslandH. Grimsland

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The Mellone Numbers were obtained from the Mellone Cachet Catalog of FDCs of the 1950s Volume I which may become available from Leave SOSSI Site AFDCS