BSA Second National Jamboree & 40th Anniversary
June 30, 1950
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Cacheted First Day Covers

ThumbnailCachet Maker
M-31Levy 41hh Pent-Arts Life SavingPent-Arts Life Saving
M-32Levy 41gg Pent-Arts HikingPent-Arts Hiking
M-33Levy 41ee Pent-Arts Scout UniformPent-Arts Scout Uniform
M-34Levy 41dd Pent-Arts ScrollPent-Arts Scroll
M-3550FD-69 M. SandersM. Sanders
M-36Levy 41p M. SandersM. Sanders
M-37Levy 41rr SchachtSchacht
M-3850FD-72G T. C. ShawT. C. Shaw
M-39Levy 41ii Smart Craft - StaehleSmart Craft - Staehle
M-40Levy 41z SpartanSpartan

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The Mellone Numbers were obtained from the Mellone Cachet Catalog of FDCs of the 1950s Volume I which may become available from Leave SOSSI Site AFDCS